Z88 OZ 4.2 Print bug

After experimenting with various vintage devices for mobile blogging, I developed a Windows app that allowed these devices to ‘print’ directly into a Windows application like Wordpad for example.

This was working fine until, I tried it with a Z88 using a later version of it’s operating system (OZ 4.2). It seems when you print it is incapable of printing a space. Continue reading

All I wanted for my birthday…

Sinclair ZX-81

The ZX81, this is where it all started for me.

While at school (yes Chris, a very long time ago) the ZX81 was offered as a prize (can’t remember what for) and was on display running some simple
20 GO TO 10

BASIC code, not quite as crude as that but on similar lines.

Anyway I decided I wanted a computer, (not sure why as up till then all I really coveted was LED calculators and watches).  I didn’t win the ZX81 from school but eventually convinced my Parents to get me a brand new ZX81 for my birthday. :)