Retrochallenge 2015/01 – my challenge

ZX Spectrum IDE

My ZX Spectrum IDE

I have decided to take part again in the Retrochallenge.

This time I have decided to set myself the challenge of writing a game for the ZX Spectrum in BASIC.  I will use the ZX Spectrum itself to develop with and the only new tech I will use will be a network interface that plugs into the back of the Spectrum allowing me to quickly save and load my BASIC code.

The finished article will then be made available as a type-in listing, and possibly cassette :)

With the renewed interest in the ZX Spectrum thanks to the recently crowdfunded Spectrum Vega it helped swing my decision as to which system to choose for this challenge.

Z88 OZ 4.2 Print bug

After experimenting with various vintage devices for mobile blogging, I developed a Windows app that allowed these devices to ‘print’ directly into a Windows application like Wordpad for example.

This was working fine until, I tried it with a Z88 using a later version of it’s operating system (OZ 4.2). It seems when you print it is incapable of printing a space. Continue reading