Throw or Fix ? – No2. Engineers v Engineers

So we have had a Canon iP1800 colour printer for some time. As is the case with these things, replacing the ink costs way more than buying a new printer so after teasing the last drops of colour out on one of the children’s school projects recently (yes Edward, the dingo is an interesting shade of purple, I think it’s a defence mechanism…) I was left to toss a coin to decide whether to replace the ink or buy another printer.

I chose to buy the Canon replacement inks (as I needed some colour prints myself in a hurry) and it was actually quite a novelty seeing real colours being printed out again.

Now, what happened I don’t quite know, but it was a couple of weeks before we needed to use the printer again (after only printing half a dozen pages with the new inks) and I turned it on and it gave me a flashing light sequence and then, nothing…….

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Throw or Fix ? – No1. Engineers v Humans

So we purchased a new Dell laptop for my wife’s business a few months ago. It was a pretty painless process online and we wanted something as quickly and cheaply as possible.

The Vostro 1015 arrived and had been running with no problems until a couple of months ago when someone at my wife’s workplace dropped a large fabric book on the thing! (I know fabric doesn’t sound that heavy but these books are bound with hard plastic covers and contain many fabric samples) The result was that the shock caused the laptop screen to crack and that was that as far as my wife was concerned.

My wife could not get the thing working so I suggested bringing it home for me to look at. In the mean time another machine (a Fujitsu this time) was ordered as a replacement.

Throw or Fix…….? Well, when I first had a quick look, the screen was indeed beyond repair but there was power still going to the laptop so I didn’t give up hope. I borrowed a monitor from a friend and yes! the machine was actually fine. Too late for my wife who was already up and running with the Fujitsu, but the kids had a pretty new laptop to play with even though it needed the external monitor to work.

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ICT Lessons in Schools

Finally after lots of reviews, the government is looking to change the format of ICT lessons in schools.Over the last few years and having followed children’s ICT education with interest, we have been surprised to find out that nothing fundamentally has changed since the early introduction to IT.

It will be a breath of fresh air to see the option of programming and software development coming to the forefront as opposed to the production of vanilla PowerPoint presentations and everyday basic computing and file management activities.

Having been the victim in the office so many times of “death by PowerPoint” presentations, bringing programming into the curriculum will provide much needed opportunities for young adults to be both creative and expressive in their thinking, whilst still working within the framework and structured building blocks that are the cornerstone of any software development language.

Syrinx Systems already offer one to one tuition for programming and have several adult students whom they have supported and tutored.

As a company we are hoping these changes will happen sooner rather than later…